Last Day: Giant’s Causeway

Last Day: Giant’s Causeway

Last day: Giant’s Causeway

National Gallery of Ireland

Inis mor

Another beautiful day in this magical country. Drove into centre galway. Saw a whelans pharmacy took a picture for my coworker. Found the tourist information center and purchased our ferry tickets to go to the largest of the Aran Islands: Inis Mor. Ride out and back not bad but just to be on the safe side we each took a dramamine each way. Very pretty island. There are b&B’s and a hotel or two. Next time I want to stay overnight and there are at least 5 small tour buses that can show you all the sights. Got shirts. South and a bit west of galway in Doolin you can do a combine cruise cliffs of moher and Aran the largest island. Likely that would be too long in a boat for me. You can also do a buggy ride around the island. Took a picture of Bridget with a horse. Also saw a cat on a wall took a pic of him too. Shared a cheddar chicken and lettuce sandwich. Bridget had hot chocolate I had cappicino.
Went to 8 p.m. mass at st columba’s.
I don’t know what there are more of in Ireland bed and breakfast’s or gray stone walls.
Saw a Mercedes cab today. As a matter of fact Mercedes is another quite common car.

The Aran Islands

Friday may 31 cliffs of moher and the burren

Hard to know what to say about something you have seen on calendars and has been your screen saver at your work computer for over 2 years. Huge majestic black and green cliffs emerging from the ocean. The visitor center is inside the cliffs. Super beautiful doesn’t seem to do it justice. Many sea birds and a puffin colony but we didn’t get that far on the walking paths. Sun was out but a pretty strong breeze.
Started the day by leaving killarney up to limerick then up to bunratty castle. Didn’t do the tour but got some nice souvenirs. Across from there the blarney woolen store. Bridget got her sweater id call the color oatmeal. Then up to Ennis and the cliffs. Then up to galway through The Burrens just imagine grey rock as far as the eye can see with only the hardiest of plant life. It is beautiful but stark.
Random thoughts seems the most common of cars here are audi bmw and volkswagon. Only have seen 2 pickups in rural areas hauling hay. Very few minivams. Few fords no suv s except land rovers and range rovers. A few jaguars.
Few people keep their dogs on leashes here.

Thursday may 30

A beautiful day today. No rain. Drove to limerick parked and walked around for a while.
On to dingle peninsula. Breathtaking scenery. Black and white cow and sheep pictures. Drove out to dingle town then back by way of Inch where my dad and two of my sisters stayed 6 years ago. Dudley Morgan who owned House of 4 angels is apparently no longer in the b&b business but still lives in the area. Inch Beach beautiful. Sun was out but a very chilly wind was blowing. People taking surfing lessons wearing wetsuits but not a lot of surfable waves. Ate at Sammys on Inch beach. Bridget had hot chocolate and a brownie I had hot tea and lemon cheesecake.
Got money from the Atm this morning. Bridgets doesn’t work here we wonder if it might be because her account is savings only.
Here are some Irish ways of saying things differently from the way we say them. Crisps or chips are French fries. Boot is a cars trunk. Sachets are condiments for instance mustard ketchup or mayonnaise. My two favorites are cheeky bugger id translate that as smart aleck and dual carriageway which means divided highway. And a doctors office is called a surgery and a car body shop is called collision restoration.
On To galway tomorrow hopefully a stop in bunrarry north of limerick for blarney woolen mils outlet for bridgets sweater then cliffs of moher

Cliffs of Moher

Dingle and Inch Beach